Java SE 8 certification 1Z0-808 practice test

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Share some Java and Middleware 1Z0-808 exam questions and answers below.
Which three statements describe the object-oriented features of the Java language?

A. Objects cannot be reused.

B. A subclass can inherit from a superclass.

C. Objects can share behaviors with other objects.

D. A package must contain more than one class.

E. Object is the root class of all other objects.

F. A main method must be declared in every class.

Answer: B,C,F

Which statement will empty the contents of a StringBuilder variable named sb?

A. sb. deleteAll ();

B. sb. delete (0, sb. size () );

C. sb. delete (0, sb. length () );

D. sb. removeAll ();

Answer: C

Which three statements are true about exception handling?

A. Only unchecked exceptions can be rethrown.

B. All subclasses of the RuntimeException class are recoverable.

C. The parameter in a catch block is of Throwable type.

D. All subclasses of the RuntimeException class must be caught or declared to be thrown.

E. All subclasses of the Exception class except the RuntimeException class are checked exceptions.

F. All subclasses of the Error class are checked exceptions and are recoverable.

Answer: C,E,F

Which three statements are true about the structure of a Java class?

A. A public class must have a main method.

B. A class can have only one private constructor.

C. A method can have the same name as a field.

D. A class can have overloaded static methods.

E. The methods are mandatory components of a class.

F. The fields need not be initialized before use.

Answer: A,C,E

Which two statements are true?

A. Error class is unextendable.

B. Error class is extendable.

C. Error is a RuntimeException.

D. Error is an Exception.

E. Error is a Throwable.

Answer: B,C

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