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Share some HCNA-Storage H13-611-ENU exam questions and answers below.
In a high business continuity system, RPO and RTO value should have features of :
A.RPO higher, RTO lower
B.RPO lower, RTO higher
C.RPO and RTO are lower
D.RPO and RTO are higher
Answer: C

Which of the following is the correct configuration process of Huawei Oceanstor V3 storage system ?
A. Create storage pool—-create LUN—-add mapping
B. Create storage pool—-add mapping—-create LUN
C. Create LUN—-create storage pool—-add mapping
D. Create LUN—-add mapping—-create storage pool
Answer: A

In Huawei Oceanstor V3 storage system, if a hard disk domain performance layer has 50 pieces of SAS hard disk with same parameters, and hot standby strategy is high, then how many pieces of SAS hard disk capacity does the system will reserve for that layer to do hot standby space ?
A. 2 pieces of hard disk
B. 3 pieces of hard disk
C. 4 pieces of hard disk
D. 5 pieces of hard disk
Answer: C

Which types of common cable are used for data communication between servers and storage devices? (Multiple choice)
A. multimode optical fiber line
B. Single-mode fiber-optic line
C. twisted-pair
D. Serial Line
Answer: ABC

In ICT infrastructure storage architecture, providing block storage excuse instead of file system is ( ).
Answer: B

Which of the following does not belong to the port type of SNS2124FC switch?
A. E-port
B. F-port
C. G-port
D. NL-port
Answer: D

Description 1: Maintenance costs of traditional PC are usually lower than desktop cloud. Description 2: In Cloud computing, data is centrally stored and managed.
A. Description 1 and Description 2 are both correct
B. Description 1 is correct, description 2 is wrong
C. Description 1 is wrong, description 2 is correct
D. Description 1 and 2 are both wrong
Answer: C

Here are two descriptions about Huawei Oceanstor V3 clone feature. Description 1: When the clone master LUN physically damaged, can use slave LUN to recover data. Description 2: the same master LUN can create and maintain multiple slave LUNs.
A. Description 1 and Description 2 are both right
B. Description 1 is right, description 2 is wrong
C. Description 1 is wrong, description 2 is right
D. Description 1 and Description 2 are both wrong
Answer: A

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