[2018 New] H19-301-ENU HCPA-IP Network (Datacom) exam dumps

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Share some HCS-Pre-Sales-IP Network(Datacom) H19-301-ENU exam questions and answers below.
NE20E-S4 when configure four 4*10GE daughter card, to achieve wire-speed, you need to configure the NSP board model is:
A. NSP-50
B. NSP-120
Answer: D

How many charges license does S12700’s X1E board set? (Multiple choice)
A. X1E board routing Enhanced License
B. X1E veneer WLAN Access Controller AP Resource Authorization License
C. X1E veneer BRAS user resource authorization license
D. X1E veneer CSS2 cluster master 1+N function license
Answer: ABC

Which of the following VPN technology does MSR G2 not support?
Answer: C

Which of the following switches support Combo ports (Multiple choices)?
A. S2700-26TP-SI
B. S2700-52P-EI
C. S3700-28TP-SI
D. S3700-52P-PWR-EI
Answer: AC

Which of the following statements are true? (Multiple choice)
A. MSR2630 use dual-core CPU, no switching network, can¡¯t support inter-board switching function
B. MSR2630 does not support DSP, so does not support voice service
C. MSRG2 does not have hardware TM, configure QoS policies will lead to serious performance degradation
D. MSRG2 does not support Zone-Based Firewall, strategy issued at the interface, poor scalability, when more interface, it is difficult to deploy.
Answer: ACD

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